SPOILERS. Mark Millar wrote The Ultimates which was marvel rebooting everything in 2000 after 40ish years of stories. They're super vulgar and are kinda like the anti-Marvel but they did so well they made movies based on them but they left out the adult themes in the comics. The comics are basically if the Marvel movies were rated R.
  1. Iron man makes homophobic jokes
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  2. Thor is a hippie reluctant to help the avengers. He claims to only help if President Bush pumps more money into financial aid for Africa.
  3. Jarvis is tony stark's gay butler who likes captain America
  4. Captain America is anti-France
  5. When Bruce banner becomes the hulk, it's to disrupt a date with his ex and Freddie prinze junior.
  6. The hulk is vulgar and horny when he becomes big. This isn't a joke.
  7. Tony stark eats with Cameron Diaz for some reason and Shannon Elizabeth too.
  8. When Tony stark takes off his iron man suit, he's covered in green slime.
  9. They all hate Spider-Man
  10. Tony stark has cancer
  11. They all watch a Tony stark sex tape
  12. Giant man abuses his then-girlfriend Wasp
  13. Hitler was an alien
  14. Thor hates SHIELD but is down to help if there's a real threat
  15. Thor drinks a lot in Europe when he's not in space
  16. Thor is a god and likes to tell everyone that he is, in fact, God.
  17. DVDs of the super heroes fighting are sold like blockbuster movies all over the world