1. Galileo, Jupiter, Apollo- 101 and Spring
  2. 111th street Jesus
  3. Hollywood high school
  4. 90s Nickelodeon- fountain and highland
  5. Eyes- echo park
  6. Hollywood jazz- vine and yucca
  7. You are the star- Wilcox and hollywood
  8. Sculpting another destiny- echo park and sunset
  9. Stuart Scott- westchester
  10. Legends- 6th and Bonnie brae
  11. LA chamber orchestra- 8th and the 110
  12. Lita Albuquerquea- 101 and Los Angeles street
  13. Steve McQueen- Union and 12th
  14. The living city- western and Beverly
  15. Beatles- Santa Monica and western
  16. Jim Morrison- Venice beach
  17. Quinceanera - echo park