1. Catholicism/journey to Heaven
  2. Respect in the alternative comedy scene
    I blame it on Nike.
    LA Weekly article was mean
  4. Latin class 2001. Grade: F
  5. Biology 2001. Grade: F
  6. Basketball. Height: 5'7 😏
  7. Jesuit college prep.
    Had to graduate at houston community college.
  8. Game of Thrones
    Didn't get past S1E3
  9. Relationship in 2008
  10. Controlling my temper while driving: 2003- Present
  11. Dying.
    2 ODs. Brought back to life 2x. UCLA medical center 2007.
  13. Consistent attendance in Alcoholics Anonymous
  14. First stint at sobriety (October 1, 06 - Jan 3, 07)
  15. "Playing it cool" during breakup in 2010.
    I didn't do it
  16. 99% of mtgs I go to pertaining to professional writing in the entertainment industry
  17. Not cursing at Feb Clipper/Rockets game. Sec 106. Row 2.
  18. Not cutting off my dad in traffic. Lankershim Ave. North Hollywood.
  19. College.
    2 semesters completed. 1 semester's worth of credits.
  20. Respect in the comedy community.
    Complete failure.
  21. For anyone to laugh at my 2-year long joke of adding "Dr." To the front of my name on checks. Swingers diner. 101 cafe. Fred 62.
  22. Stand-up comedy (2010-2014)
    What a blow up that was
  23. Having my side taken during a break up
  24. Enjoying a hike
    Need to let this one go.