LA unless otherwise noted.
  1. Park Hyatt Tokyo
    Honeymoon hotel with a view of Shinjuku and the rest of Tokyo. Aesop soap hotel.
  2. Weston Bonaventure
    Super cool exterior seen from 110 fwy. Used in Interstellar.
  3. Sunset tower
    I believe capote said all things controversial have happened at the sunset tower hotel... Including me going to the bathroom while walking home at 4am from the comedy store in my mid-20s!
  4. 405 and sunset one from Heat
    Said it all in the caption, my friend. Beautiful views of the Getty, Westwood, bel air, 405 fwy and west LA.
  5. Universal Hilton
    Just an oldie but a goodie. On a steep hill off lankershim.
  6. Wilshire and western ramada inn
    Great cozy location in the middle of k town under giant Air Emirates billboards.
  7. Roosevelt
    Classic old Hollywood with an insane interior
  8. Alta Cienega
    Not totally safe off holloway and Santa Monica in Weho. Jim Morrison supposedly did drugs here.
  9. Hotel California Santa Monica
    Lived here for a week when I moved to LA on ocean avenue 9 years ago. Nice retro rooms. Cool tiles. Small showers.
  10. Beverly hills hotel
    Pink everything. Good pancakes. Bad politics.
  11. Comfort inn el paso
    Whataburger shares a parking lot. Right off the 10.
  12. Hudson 58th and 8th nyc
    Hip boutique. 200 sq ft rooms. Comfortable though.
  13. The Grafton on Sunset
    On the strip but not a high rise. Super into that.
  14. Chateau Marmont
    Old rooms. Insane interior and exterior. History history history. Best hotel in Los Angeles.
  15. Mondrian hotel
    Standard stuff not pun intended. Good views. Solid food. Busy valet. Love the giant doors outside.
  16. Andaz hotel formerly the rock n roll Hyatt
    Giant liveable billboard. Fine. Just fine. Good food and bathrooms.
  17. Sunset Marquis
    Loved it. One of the best hotels I've ever been to. Where rock stars stay. Under sunset on Alta loma. Feels hidden. Super into this spot.
  18. Ramada inn Weho
    Climbed on the roof. Next to kitchen 24!
  19. Le Montrose suite
    In a neighborhood of Weho between sunset and Santa Monica. Super comfortable. Lots of half 1 BR rooms with STAIRS.
  20. Beverly wilshire
    Great bathrooms and super luxurious interior.
  21. Caesar's palace Las Vegas
    Classic. Great great centrally located LV hotel. Good shopping (Niketown) and food.
  22. Mandalay Bay Vegas
    Love it here cause it's west strip. Out of the mess with awesome views.
  23. Hilton Vegas
    No casino and by cool shopping. Central strip just south by 100 feet. Very nice and cold rooms.
  24. Bellagio Vegas
    Only been here for one night. Rock bottom for gambling here. Super nice obviously.
  25. Tokyo station hotel
    100 sq ft rooms but with luxury Japanese toilets.