1. Jordan- it's not in the shoes
    Old camcorder footage of the world's best including a young MJ. http://bit.ly/1F8RwLj
  2. Nike- Fate
    2 players live parallel lives and meet in the pro's http://bit.ly/1B0NAOq
  3. Reebok- join the migration
    NFL players flock to the stadiums after summer http://bit.ly/1L0aAQu
  4. Reebok- impossible is nothing
    Tracy McGrady drives to the basket while a CGI army tries to stop him http://bit.ly/1BXnwi0
  5. Jordan - let your game speak
    Players in slow mo with great piano http://bit.ly/1Mme79c
  6. NBA - where amazing happens
    2000s campaign http://bit.ly/1B0NRkh
  7. Nike Air- I am not a role model
    Charles Barkley responding to people who think he's a bad role model for kids http://bit.ly/1BXnR4d
  8. Nike- Rise
    LeBron's version of I am not a role model after leaving Cleveland for Miami http://bit.ly/1L0b3SO
  9. Beats by Dre- going home
    Hozier's "take me to church" while Lebrons mom talks about how happy she is that Lebrons coming home to Cleveland set to his workout and old VHS footage http://bit.ly/1L0ba0Q
  10. Gatorade- Derek Jeter last at bat
    Everyone tips their hat to Jeter http://bit.ly/1BXp0sl
  11. Gatorade- made in New York
    Derek Jeter walks to Yankee stadium set to Sinatra singing "my way" http://bit.ly/1MmfrZK
  12. NBA- where amazing happens 2
    With CGI and using old footage of a HS Kevin durant, he's told that he'll be great one day and play for a team that doesn't exist yet. http://bit.ly/1MmfIM2
  13. Nike- soccer
    POV of a soccer player's life from youth to the pro's http://bit.ly/1MmfMLY
  14. Gatorade- recover
    The Buck's Jabari Parker reflects on his life during injury http://bit.ly/1MmfULh
  15. Jordan- Failure
    Jordan talks about his failures in the 90s http://bit.ly/1GxqH7a