1. Handmade by fiancé from leftover leather she uses to make dog collars for her company Ike and Stella
  2. Wells Fargo debit card
  3. Chase debit card
  4. California license (expired)
  5. Arclight membership card (2007- Hollywood)
  6. Equinox membership card (2008)
  7. GameStop card with 11 dollars on it
  8. M life sapphire (lowest) card for MGM resorts
  9. One 100 dollar bill
  10. 2 ticket stubs for San Andreas at the Chinese theater IMAX 3D
  11. Receipt from Barney's NY for Lime Malin + Goetz hand and body wash
  12. One of my cards that looks like the front of a Camel pack of cigarettes
  13. Picture of my dog to calm me down when stressed or worked up in traffic