This is the nuke button plan. The go out in style plan.
  1. Smoke weed all day everyday
  2. Don't even hang tv on the wall. Lean it against the wall and watch all tv at an angle
  3. Empty Wells Fargo savings acct. cash in beanie.
  4. Mattress on ground
  5. Finally subscribe to New York Times. Have it delivered daily. Chain smoke and read it by an open window.
  6. If you wanna hang out, you gotta take her out. Cocaine.
  7. Rewatch sopranos and mad men
  8. Pile of smart water bottles on the ground
  9. Bring back my motorcycle with no helmet + sunglasses move
  10. Move to Las Vegas. Gamble at Caesar's Palace.
  11. Quickly move back from Vegas to Los Angeles. Rent studio apt in Los Feliz but leave my heart in laurel canyon.
  12. McDonald's. Wendy's. Burger King.
  13. Write parks and rec fan fiction for no reason at all. Don't even show anyone.
  14. Throw my e cig into a volcano and buy 100 cartons of parliament lights
  15. Get back into spray painting
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  16. Spend all the money I have on this planet on books and sports tickets closest to the bench