Used to be super into podcasts. Was even on a bunch of them. These are some I've listened to this year. Some are old and some aren't. They all deserve your free download.
  1. Worst idea of all time podcast- All
    2 Australians watch Grown Ups 2 EVERY week for a year. It's amazing. They're on the second season now with sex and the city 2.
  2. By the way with Jeff Garlin- Jeff Tweedy
    They're friends and Tweedy talks sobriety and kids
  3. WTF- Obama
    Loved it
  4. Inappropriate Earl- sex talk with 2 hot busty babes
    Exactly what the title says.
  5. WTF- Mike Judge
    Goes all the way back to snl stuff.
  6. WTF- Richard Linklater
    He talks slacker and Austin.
  7. Weird Adults with Little Esther- Marc Maron
    Great interview and rare takes from Maron. Esther kills it
  8. Skeptic Tank- Neal Brennan
    Talks about directing. Re-Listened to this recently and was inspiring.
  9. Skeptic Tank- Brody Stevens
    Brody just out of ucla psych. Super raw and honest.
  10. The Lowe Post- JJ Redick
    The clipper talks to a nerdy grantland reporter.
  11. The Lowe Post- Joe Mande
    Mande's an NBA nerd like myself so I loved this one hosted by a grantland beat reporter.
  12. Terrified- Joe Wagner
    Just super honest stories from a funny guy. Mostly heartbreaking stuff set in downtown LA.
  13. Until I lose interest- Earl Skakel
    Rare stories of the Kennedy talking about his famous family and his bel air upbringing. Also some great gang bang stories
  14. You made it weird- Harris Wittels
    Rehab and MacArthur park before he passed. Great and inspiring interview that Harris carries despite Pete Holmes not knowing etiquette on how to talk to anyone going through a tough time
  15. Festival of Friendship- Yoshi Obayashi
    Great stories of some graphic stuff while Brody freaks out the whole time over them. Hearing anything rated R through his filter is hilarious
  16. The Champs- Blake Griffin Part 1
    Blake talks the dunk contest, freezing chambers and hollering
  17. The great debates- the British should get rid of their royal family
    Agreed and funny. Dave is a hero.
  18. Invisibilia- secret history of thoughts
    Super interesting and high production value from NPR
  19. Serial- all
  20. How did this get made- fast five
    From 2011. Super funny and I remember loving this episode.
  21. This American life- Americans in China
    Oldie but a goodie.
  22. You made it weird- Larry Charles
    One of the most interesting guests on any podcast
  23. This American life- the one where they interview Americans in Paris
  24. WTF- Ian Edwards
    One of my favorite comedians and great stories about growing up in Jamaica and working in Hollywood. Listened to this while eating fatburger in a car on Hollywood and Vermont at midnight.