Binge watching used to be for depressed people now it's a date night
  1. The Sopranos
  2. Sons of Hollywood
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    So bad. So good. Sick day from work.
  3. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    Great show and even better parody accounts on Twitter
  4. The OC
    A cast member gave me the DVDs to watch while detoxing. 2000s rock and shots of Malibu
  5. 90210
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    The new one. Nuff said
  6. The Office
    Season 1 & 2 while detoxing in weho
  7. Laguna Beach
    Yeah I went there. Thanks amoeba floor 2
  8. The Hills
    Laguna: the weho years. Yeah I'll watch
  9. Chuck
    Loved it. Los Feliz backdrops
  10. Entourage
    Guilty pleasure. Legit so funny to watch now. Follow @assistant2ellin on Twitter
  11. Sex and the City
    Everything I learned about girls I learned by binge watching this show while babysitting for my boss
  12. Seinfeld
    Such a big deal when these box sets came out.
  13. Family Guy
    High af
  14. Miami Vice
    Thx dad
  15. Curb
    On time warner you could watch these in 07 on demand when that first started
  16. 30 Rock
    Buying these DVDs was an admittance of depression for sure. Thanks best buy la Brea
  17. FNL
    Pre netflix nobody watched this but was so good.
  18. Gossip Girl
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    Binged on iTunes. Paid and everything.