1. Beverly Hills
    Creepily empty
  2. Anywhere on the coast
    Super dark like falling off the planet
  3. Mulholland drive
    Dangerous from drunk drivers but quiet. The hum of power lines and coyotes howling are the only noises.
  4. Ventura blvd
    Studio city is a ghost town after 11
  5. Wilshire between Vermont and the 110
    Between DTLA and Korea town it's nothingness at night.
  6. MacArthur Park
    See above. Shady activity. Police helicopters.
  7. Century City
    Security guards. Assistants working way late for no overtime.
  8. Larchmont Ave
    Cleanup crews and bad dads at the Wells Fargo ATM
  9. Olympic
    Between century city and the 405 just an empty 6 lane blvd with a Ralph's
  10. The 2 between echo park and the 134
  11. Atwater Village on Glendale
  12. Movie studios
    Security guards and random night shoots
  13. Burbank
    Super quiet.
  14. Sepulveda between lax and Manhattan Beach
    On a week night there's nobody there and you can hear the waves.