Loved all these.
  1. Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto
    East Texas noir by the writer of a True Detective
  2. The Ultimates Vol 1 by Mark Millar
    Compilation of 13 comics in a reboot of Marvel without the backstory. Like if The Avengers was rated R.
  3. The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero
    Making of the movie The Room from one of its actors. Incredible.
  4. The Last Season by Phil Jackson
    Jackson's journal from the 03-04 season when he coached the Lakers and during the Kobe rape controversy.
  5. God If You're Not Up There, I'm Fucked by Darrell Hammond
    His account of being on SNL, addiction and an abusive family
  6. Gasping For Airtime by Jay Mohr
    His account of being insecure while on SNL
  7. Last Night at The Viper Room
    Family history of the Phoenix's leading up to Rivers' death on Sunset and Larrabee