1. Writing
  2. Applying for jobs (adult entertainment writing, asst jobs)
  3. Exercising
  4. Watching lots of basketball
  5. Listening to Lowe Post podcast from ESPN, Great Debates, Bill Simmons network and The Vertical Podcast.
  6. Drinking blood orange pellegrino
  7. Babysitting in studio city
  8. Being a mediocre husband
  9. Trying to play tennis
  11. In line at CVS
  12. @john beat me to the making a murderer movie list so I became depressed and threw my iPhone into the LA river at the corner of laurel canyon and ventura place
  13. Watching workaholics (wolves of rancho episode-wow)
  14. Got a used car
  15. Buying cassette tapes for the used car (Adam Sandler comedy albums)
  16. Buying records for new record player (superdrag)