This is NBA specific. I have not be to an NHL game yet even though I'd like to.
  1. Food: LudoBird vs McDonald's
    Winner: 100 sec. LudoBird by a mile. House made chips.
  2. View: seeing the players wipe sweat vs bird's eye
    Winner: 100. Might as well watch on tv for bird's eye.
  3. Best entrance: LA Live vs Figueroa
    winner: 300. Fig is chiller. Long lines but no La live mess.
  4. T shirt canon proximity: right there vs not even close
    Winner: 100. Even though they're too cool for school to reach for a shirt!
  5. Late to game: have to wait until timeout vs whenever you want playboi
    Winner: 300. Love that you don't have to wait until commercial break.
  6. Trash talking: players can hear you vs why bother
    Winner: 100. I love yelling at players. Love yelling positive things even more so I feel like I'm helping. So lame to talk shit from 300.
  7. Bang for your buck: $80-1,000 vs $8-80
    Winner: 100. I know it sounds ridiculous but for good games where you have emotional relationships with storylines and players spending some dough to sit close is fun. Spend the 8 bucks not inducing the stubhub fees on chill games that you don't care much about.
  8. Crowd: the biz vs funny families
    Winner: 300 all day. Funny families with 9 bad kids on their phones throwing popcorn is a lot of fun compared to Instagram groupies or dudes live tweeting sports ironically or at best- someone you know through comedy
  9. Commute: escalator vs cluster fuck entrance
    Winner: 300. Escalator all day compared to insane amounts of people (thousands) shuffling 20 feet from the entrance to your section.
  10. Sec 302
  11. Sec 116
  12. Winner: 100 in a 5-4 close race.
  13. And reminder: don't sit in 116 or 117 for you will be in the "thunder clap" section for the away team free throws!