After writing this I feel like there's a lot of work, on my part, to be done
  1. Rockets playing like shit down 4
  2. Oh no is he ok
    About dog being afraid of the thunder
  3. Up by 3 with 4 min left in half
  4. 🔫🔫🔫🍔
    This means I'm depressed and I postmated a burger
  5. Rockets gonna lose
  6. Is my Twitter funny right now?
  7. How's work? I miss you guys
  8. Don't give rehearsal dinner air bnb house the deposit. Gonna jump onto the 101.
  9. Rockets are sad that I didn't get a writing job
  11. Up by 6 with 2 min left. Harden out cause he went cold AND has a cold.
  12. Can u make harden chicken soup for his flight to houston
  13. Are u mad about the suicide text? I'm sorry! I love you obviously
  14. Jenn put the game on!!!!!
  15. Rockets won. Game is Sunday
  16. FaceTime?