Kurt Cobain said he missed the comfort in being sad. I totally relate. When things are good or ok, the excuse to wallow in the suck becomes a funny memory.
  1. Late night eating
    Diners or new spots. Saltier the better
  2. Growing a beard
    Just don't shave for a little bit. Ok you can trim the bottom.
  3. Wearing Adidas track pants
    Become a taxi driver without the taxi for a week
  4. Buying expensive stuff
    Retail therapy can be helpful. But own it. Go to Barney's or wherever you want something that for sure won't fix you
  5. Having your own place
    Be messy if you want
  6. So let the kitchen be dirty for a couple days
  7. Chain smoke the bad cigarettes
    No more judgement on anything that's not American spirits. you ARE the American spirit smoking a bad cigarette in infinite doom
  8. Be in a mood; it's ok
    Embrace it. Don't fight it.
  9. Blast funny music in your car
    80s breakup metal ballads.
  10. Binge watch something from the CW or Fox
    Now nobody can judge your taste in TV
  11. Baths
    Surprisingly therapeutic
  12. Have a corner in your place where the vacuum goes and never put it in a closet. It's simply "the corner where the vacuum goes" now
  13. Stay up til 4am
    Doing whatever it is you would like to do
  14. Explore your city
    There are beaches and mountains but whatever about the mountains actually
  15. Ebay
    Buy vintage ashtrays and NBA dream team posters
  16. Get a bacon turkey sandwich at 1 AM from your favorite bodega with jalepeno chips because New York is so bad
    Suggested by @LevNovak