I don't usually weigh in on HOT TOPICS but this week seemed silly to anyone who saw these two stories happen one after the other. A woman cheats and is crucified online. An aging NBA player cheats and is applauded for being civil about the whole thing.
  1. Monday
    Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving is cheated on. The internet freaks out and defends his honor (he couldn't care less about these people).
  2. Tuesday
    The woman who cheated, Kehlani, attempts suicide. Chris Brown weighs in and claims its for publicity.
  3. Wednesday
    A video is leaked that LA Laker D'Angelo Russell took as a prank of fellow Laker Nick Young. In it, Young admits to cheating on his fiancé Iggy Azalea. The Internet freaks out... on Russell.
  4. Thursday
    Nick Young is applauded for being chill about it all and D'Angelo Russell apologizes for filming this during a press conference after getting booed the night before on his home court by his own fans even though he's a franchise future super star.
  5. Friday
    I'm in love with you.