1. Bald
    It'll never catch on.
  2. Pls see every movie with me
    Marvel, furious 7 (YOU'RE a furious 7), paul Blart. They're all fun and we must see them on the Thursday advanced screenings in 3D IMAX.
  3. Close minded to anything involving "energy" or "auras"
  4. Choice of curse words
    Fuck is so overused so to actually offend people you have to drop nukes now. Won't go into detail on this one...
  5. Revenge
    It's in my blood but at least an STD isn't!
  6. Height 5'7
    I used to say this was movie star height but forgot I'm not a movie star. Not even an actor.
  7. Where I live
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    Every girl hates where I live. It's hard to get to and there's no reception. They hate west Hollywood and my neighbors even more.
  8. Road rage
    I've done it all.
  9. Video games.
    I was barely into them and this year I remembered that when you're an adult they're not the crazy expensive gifts you thought they were. Making up for past time now at 2am starting with every Mario game.
  10. Sleep hours
    I like staying up till 3am reading. Sometimes a book. Mostly articles on the internet about google's interviewing process or Bossip about NBA players.
  11. My friends
    They're borderline racist, never "off" and close-minded to anything not funny.
  12. Taste in tv's
    Bigger the better. But why do u need that Carlos? Cause I like it. But why do you like it Carlos? Why do you care??
  13. My coffee table
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    Egg white. Egg shaped. Modern AF.
  14. My Twitter.
    @cjherrera "it's rude".
  15. Taste in food
    I can appreciate a 4 star restaurant. But whatever With it.
  16. My old car
    No AC. 1 working door. Permanent sunroof. Bmw 3 series spray painted matte black. 900 dollars on koreatown Craigslist.
  17. Smoking.
    Pack a day. Of the bad one's. Parliament Lights.
  18. Burgers plain
    So what? Cheese and meat is enough mind ur biz
  19. 80s
    Anything quaint or minimal is not my thing. Anything 80s and gold or white is funny. So fuck Oregon and nature. Electronica and convertibles forever
  20. I love movies with guys in suits holding guns
  21. I don't drink or do any drugs
    Sorry I know you don't wanna go out now