1. $100K alligator Nike's
    lil flip - ooh I think they like me freestyle
  2. Gucci avocado
    Lil flip flow 10
  3. Versace elevator
    Paul wall
  4. A smart beep beeper
    Slim thug
  5. Throw ahead jersey
    Chamillionaire. Air Force ones flow. NBA jersey with college kids name on it
  6. 5 cars
    Chamillionaire Air Force ones flow
  7. Chains as tip to waitress at IHOP
    Slim thug
  8. Rims bigger than Shawn Kemp
    Slim thug
  9. Car that lights up on the bottom when the brakes are pressed
  10. Money in fat clumps like Eddie Murphy
    Paul wall parking lot pimpin
  11. Versace nail polish
    Paul wall
  12. Ice trays (on teeth)
    Paul wall get back freestyle
  13. 25 lighters & the desire to get paid
    Fat Pat
  14. Seats to NBA all star weekend
    Lil flip. Drank w me h town
  15. 500k chain and 100k earrings
    Lil flip ooh I think they like me flow
  16. Excursion with 6 doors
    DJ Biggs flow 10
  17. Set of doors that fell down
    Pimp C
  18. A plane ticket from houston to Miami
  19. A movie deal in Hollywood
    DJ Obscene "comin up"
  20. 2 way pager and a mansion
    DJ Obscene
  21. Player status like Denzel Washington
    Z-Ro "Denzel Washington"
  22. A check made out to himself
    Z Ro
  23. Fame & cologne
    Z Ro
  24. Paranoia about police
    Z Ro
  25. Gun never on safety
    Z Ro
  26. Grandmother or auntie that gets monthly allowance
    Z Ro
  27. Xbox 360
    Z Ro "call my phone"
  28. Purple drank & polo shirt
  29. View of Golden Gate Bridge on a road trip
    Z Ro mo city don flow
  30. A Trillion dollars
    Bun B
  31. A Boo
    Paul wall my boo remix
  32. Prime Co phone
    Lil Troy wanna be a baller
  33. 16 Xanax & a 3 story house
    Lil flip
  34. Ashtray minus the doobie
    Devin the dude. Doobie ashtray
  35. More ice than Alaska
    Paul wall xxplosive flow
  36. TV screens playing "lady in the tramp" in his car
    Paul wall
  37. A girlfriend attending the university of houston
    Paul wall
  38. "Quarterback vision"
    Z Ro. "Quarterback vision"
  39. Jealous money that wants to be spent
    Slim thug
  40. The love of big asses
    Chamillionaire hot girl
  41. Swishahouse stock
  42. Reeboks with white socks
    Paul wall
  43. A collect call from suge knight
    5050 twin
  44. Independence from Jive records
    Lil flip. The way we ball
  45. The WNBA franchise houston comets
    Lil flip
  46. The difference between platinum and "silvery"
    Lil flip
  47. Mind on a mizzeal
    Lil flip
  48. Michael Jordan in his rear view mirror
    Lil flip
  49. No more empty cups
    Lil flip
  50. Seen more breasts thighs and legs than a plate with 3 chickens
    Slim thug
  51. Internet on his damn cell
    Slim thug
  52. A room at the comfort inn with twins
  53. Wisdom
  54. T shirt biz out of the trunk
    Paul Wall
  55. Gucci plane
    50/50 twin
  56. Danny Glover's glock
    50/50 twin
  57. Johnny cochran's pager #
    5050 twin
  58. Crack that was sold to George Bush
    5050 twin
  59. Horn that's honked outside his girl's place