1. Smoked electronic cigarette
    I'm weaning off cigarettes but all I can say is wow the future is nice and so was the way past. It's the last 20 years of non smoking on flights that was a real bummer
  2. Watched Austin rivers have breakout game vs rockets
  3. Yelled FUCK during the game. Put head down
  4. Watched pilot of sin city saints- Andrew santino's new show on yahoo screen. Really cool.
  5. Nodded at dude also watching Bulls game after buzzer beater by Derek Rose
  6. Watched this is where I leave you on mute (fiancé watching). F+ (+ is for Adam driver Porsche scene)
  7. Stared in awe at Rocky Mountains
  8. Watched 30 min of children of men
  9. Drafted tweets I never sent
  10. Drafted pretty rough tweets at athletes then got nervous they'd reply and I'd be on sports center
  11. Squeezed fiancé's hand during turbulence
  12. Ate half a vanilla sprinkles cupcake
  13. Got annoyed of dude wearing sunglasses next to me
  14. Did not buy the $15 wifi
  15. Saw old water line at lake mead where SoCal gets its water. Creepy to see.