1. Non-sports video games
    Yeah I watched my friend beat super mario 64 it but I didn't have N64 when it was new so I wasn't good. And yeah I played metal gear solid, goldeneye and crash bandicoot but that's about it. I've since beat mario 64, mario Galaxy and a bunch of others
  2. Mushrooms
    The food, not the drug
  3. Jewish people
    I met 3 in Texas in my first 19 years of life.
  4. Hot sauce
  5. Comic books
    I didn't read this shit as I kid so I buy them now and they're addictive af
  6. Pesto
  7. Hockey
    Kings games on fox sports west when there's no basketball
  8. 3D
    Fuck it bring on the dope laser technology TCL Chinese theater
  9. Traveling
    Left Los Angeles for a total of 14 days for the first 7 years of living there. That's different now
  10. Open mindedness
    It can be freeing... *sighs*
  11. Ketchup
    Homemade borderline BBQ sauce. I love it now.
  12. Flea markets
  13. Hats
    I've always worn them. I'm getting deep into it now, though.
  14. eBay
    Vintage posters, hats, comics, ring holders, ashtrays, etc. so great
  15. Wishing I went to college
    It would've helped
  16. Reading
    I'm hooked and it's all I do now. Straight up high school US Lit 101 curriculums