I moved to LA at 19 as a college drop out with 91 days sober. I relapsed and drove 2 escorts through Southern California in a Ford Explorer with Texas plates. One was a new girl in town from Canada and the other was a 30 something year old veteran of the scene. They worked for a fake modeling agency that received calls from guys reading LA Weekly.
  1. Justin Timberlake playing on the ride to a job is good for morale!!
  2. Newport Beach at 3am with the ocean waves is like a sound machine in 3D
  3. People will stare at you at Carl's Jr if you walk in with a prostitute.
  4. Vancouver is nice according to heather
  5. Bel Air is so calm at 4am. So soothing.
  6. Make sure the client has the 💵 first
  7. The girls appreciate mix CDs for each night. Let's change it up, Carlos.
  8. UC Irvine loves escorts
  9. Bel Age hotel was nice (pre-London at San Vicente and sunset)
  10. Don't ask about the kid
  11. Woodrow wilson drive
  12. I like energy drinks (sugar free red bull)
  13. Prescription painkillers (opioids) are like cigarette breaks
  14. That Entrapment doesn't really go down at the high end level of the world's oldest profession
  15. The tips can be great
  16. Gas gets paid for. Thanks Eden!
  17. Thinking of names can be fun (heather Ventura & garden of Eden).
  18. Most 3 and under- star hotels in Hollywood are for John's.
  19. If the girl doesn't call when she goes into the appt like she said she would, it's ok, just sleep in the car.
  20. The lady who collects the money at the fake modeling agency on century blvd by lax is really nice on the phone.
  21. The amount of money you tell the girl on the phone is the STARTING rate for her just to show up.
  22. These girls rarely have sex because that's probably a $1,000 tip on top of the money you thought was gonna get you laid but really just got her to show up.
  23. Huntington Beach is pretty
  24. The girl in the picture is never the girl you get. That's a model in Russia.