1. Kale Urself
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    Beverly and Alta vista. Melrose and San Vicente. Sunset and Alta Loma. Silverlake and Effie. Sunset and coronado. Melrose la Brea. Crescent heights and Hollywood.
  2. Rewatch The Sopranos
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    Always over "read Kerouac". Beverly and Alta Vista. Melrose and highland.
  3. I see lame people
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    In the style of "I see dead people". Sunset and micheltorena.
  4. Bad Movie
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    PRODUCTION SIGN. NOT GRAFFITI. paramount pictures. Echo park and sunset. Sunset junction.
  5. Don't # my wedding
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    Beverly and Alta vista
  6. Vision Bored
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    Beverly and alta vista
  7. U turn hipsters ahead.
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    Sunset and coronado
  8. Just looking 4 a righting job.
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    Beverly and alta vista
  9. Rest Coast.
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    Hollywood and gardener
  10. Lorde help me
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    Beverly and alta vista
  11. I miss Mad Men
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    Beverly and Alta Vista
  12. EXT. Beverly blvd - night. Me: pay attn to me
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    Beverly and alta vista
  13. Rich richer
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    Sunset plaza drive and sunset