1. Kale Urself
    Beverly and Alta vista. Melrose and San Vicente. Sunset and Alta Loma. Silverlake and Effie. Sunset and coronado. Melrose la Brea. Crescent heights and Hollywood.
  2. Rewatch The Sopranos
    Always over "read Kerouac". Beverly and Alta Vista. Melrose and highland.
  3. I see lame people
    In the style of "I see dead people". Sunset and micheltorena.
  4. Bad Movie
    PRODUCTION SIGN. NOT GRAFFITI. paramount pictures. Echo park and sunset. Sunset junction.
  5. Don't # my wedding
    Beverly and Alta vista
  6. Vision Bored
    Beverly and alta vista
  7. U turn hipsters ahead.
    Sunset and coronado
  8. Just looking 4 a righting job.
    Beverly and alta vista
  9. Rest Coast.
    Hollywood and gardener
  10. Lorde help me
    Beverly and alta vista
  11. I miss Mad Men
    Beverly and Alta Vista
  12. EXT. Beverly blvd - night. Me: pay attn to me
    Beverly and alta vista
  13. Rich richer
    Sunset plaza drive and sunset