1. Picking up my unborn kids from school + music on that trip
  2. Shooting 3s over my enemies
  3. MVP in some Improv vs Writers basketball game where the crowd is all girls I know
  4. In the game mentioned above I have a crazy steal and throw an alley oop to someone and someone shoves me and I play it cool
  5. Trailers for movies I've written that have zero funding and are NOT in production (all 5+ min with only electronica)
  6. After party dance sequence after the premiere of my short film at a film festival I haven't submitted to
  7. Smoking cigarettes with some movie bloggers before premiere of my short film at Sundance
  8. How I'll high 5 players after big block in a dream where I'm courtside at a Rockets Clippers playoff series
  9. Post-earthquake I'm in a car chase in a Ferrari and have to have someone else "grab the wheel" and I jump on another car and save my fiancé
  10. The traffic on the way home later on in the day
  11. If I'm gonna go to Earth Bar or not
  12. If I should text back someone and if I even want to start a text thread when I'll def lose reception later
  13. TV series teaser trailer for an unsold TV show pilot I wrote that's not in production
  14. Running into my friend's wife who I don't like at a red light and ignoring her
  15. Same as above except I'm on a vintage BMW motorcycle WITHOUT a helmet + Warby Parker Quentin sunglasses
  16. Billboard for a TV show I haven't sold above Pink Dot or The Andaz (west side) on sunset blvd and the reaction from people I know
  17. My daily routine if I had a job (routes, gym, food, etc)
  18. What song I would play in convertible if I ever got divorced (not married yet)
  19. Ex gf calls me to go to dinner and I say "no, sorry not sorry"
  20. My old apt on n. Larrabee above sunset across from viper room and how shitty it was (breakup apt)
  21. A night where I break my sobriety and uber to the comedy store and I leave immediately
  22. Edited versions of action scenes but I'm in them
  23. Daily routine when I'm a dad
  24. How gang members would think I'm cool if I was an LAPD detective (Vice- Venice, rampart, Alvarado or Hollywood)