And a wish list
  1. Darjeeling limited poster
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    1 year sober bday gift from schwaftzmans publicist
  2. The insider one sheet
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  3. Heat Japanese mini poster from Tokyo
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  4. Anthony Davis Frida painting
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  5. 95 NBA finals pic. Rockets vs. Magic
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  6. Roger rabbit
  7. Just bought this 80s delta ad
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  8. Wish list: long goodbye Japanese poster
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  9. Shaq steel home video poster WISH LIST AS WELL
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  10. Wish list: NBA on TNT ad
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  11. Wish list again: LA American Airlines from the 60s
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  12. Wishful thinking: blade runner French poster
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  13. Wish: Star Wars French
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  14. Wish: revenge of the Jedi before title was changed to return of the Jedi
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