1. Drone
  2. Job
  3. Clean slate new ID thing from dark knight rises to get rid $5k in parking tix
  4. 5 inches added to my legs
  5. 4 inches added to torso
  6. Hair plugs from dr 90210
  7. Contacts that never dry out and you can sleep in
  8. Memory eraser from Men in Black
  9. 9 million dollars cash
  10. To know what happens in Daredevil by just touching the screen
  11. Gold iwatch
  12. 80s white Lamborghini
  13. Tom Cruise's blue suit from Dubai scenes in last mission impossible
  14. Tix to Star Wars at Chinese theater for Xmas 2015
  15. To never have to tie my shoes again
  16. To have been traveled without traveling
  17. 900 qualudes
  18. Game worn NBA jerseys from every NBA finals series from 87-present day
  19. Harrison Ford's gun from blade runner
  20. Sniper rifle with laser sight
  21. Tom Ford ashtray
  22. $100k alligator Nike's from Lil Flip "ooh I think she like me" freestyle
  23. To know who killed JFK
  24. 1 ticket on Virgin Galactic flight (next to Leo)