Some thoughts that would be cool for the city
  1. A freeway connecting the 101 in Hollywood to the 405/10 interchange.
    So it would shoot SW from Hollywood so you don't have to take Santa Monica or Wilshire or Olympic to go west.
  2. An NFL team
    Yeah SC and UCLA are great at the sport and what's with this nonsense of the raiders and Chargers SHARING a stadium in Carson?? No. Enough with the disputes. A stadium by USC for an NFL team. And that's it.
  3. Manifest destiny subway
    Yeah I know Beverly Hills doesn't want it have it go around and split to marina del Rey and another line to the Santa Monica pier. Her got it right.
  4. Historic preservations of basically everything
    I love modern places and glass and convertibles etc but we need more places like Angelino Heights and Harper ave in weho to be saved.
  5. Anti-gentrification laws
    I don't know how but make it happen Mr. Mayor! Immigrants being pushed out of neighborhoods is just America working but it's gotten even crazier since I've moved here.
  6. Stricter water laws
    To prevent another one and help with the current drought. No more fountains and empty pools starting with public ones and the nicest neighborhoods. The governor just made 10k fines for watering lawns (?). Up it.
  7. More Whole Foods
    Parking is too crazy. Let's get this going.
  8. Shaq statue
    Outside the staples center
  9. Dog beaches
    Not just the one in long beach or wherever. I take my dog to a place in Malibu between private beaches by Geoffrey's but LA can do better. Designated dog beaches by the palisades or Santa Monica or wherever!
  10. Better tax incentives to keep filming in the city
    Match New Orleans or Austin or Vancouver. Probably impossible but would keep our friends here and add jobs.
  11. Smoking sections
    It'd be nice. Look at it as "vintage."
  12. Princess Diana paparazzi laws
    I think this is already happening but it would help prevent traffic jams and speeding just to get pics of starlets when you're trying to get to the gym.
  13. Play it cool with the parking tickets
    It's so out of hand it's just creating an even worse culture of disdain for parking enforcement. It's almost a joke now.
  14. Superhero
    I know I'm the only person who liked Seth Rogen's Green Hornet but it really was awesome. Rich kid in the hills becomes a super hero when his dad dies. Sweet. I'm not saying it has to be him but it'd be cool regardless.
  15. Villain
    For the superhero to fight downtown at night.
  16. Sanitary wipes everywhere
    At stop lights, libraries, etc
  17. To wipe out anti-food truck law in weho
    It's pretentious and ridiculous