1. To embrace the suck during a breakup
  2. That those puffy couch guys would make even more awesome shit one day
  3. To buy GoPro stock
  4. Getting an agent wouldn't change anything
  5. That echo park rent would skyrocket
  6. That the Cleveland cavaliers would be really good one day
  7. That heartbreak is funny
  8. That ignoring girls would pay off (still have never done it)
  9. Less is more when writing comedy scripts
  10. That marvel would be awesome one day
  11. That it's ok to not be friends with people anymore. It's called growth.
  12. That People pleasing is literally the worst thing you can do
  13. To subscribe to concert venue email lists so I can get tix at a normal price instead of ridic stub hub prices later
  14. That the clippers would be really good so maybe buy season tix before that
  15. That it's okay to not like Birdman or Inherent Vice
  16. Leaving your comfort zone is good
  17. Traveling is not scary
  18. Shave ur head Carlos everyone knows ur losing your hair
  19. That the alt comedy scene would explode again
  20. That it's ok to like sports and good music. Ur not a unicorn.
  21. To be yourself. it's ok to not be a foodie or educated at all.
  22. That college would be a waste of time for me. To just not go at all instead of 1 semester.
  23. To pay all tickets ON TIME.
  24. Ask people how they're doing always
  25. That if someone is flakey or not present- say something and stand up for yourself
  26. It's ok to fall out of love with stand up comedy
  27. It's ok to be Young and not in college in Los Angeles