1. Sports
    NBA. College football. Black guys doing awesome shit. It's all beautiful.
  2. High Top Nike's
    They're fucking awesome. They get complements from the Fairfax HS kids. Fuck Toms, sandals and boots. Ankle injury-prevention sneakers for walking around the house or bust.
  3. Las Vegas
    Sports books. Black jack. Smoking indoors. Shitty 20 dollar burger by the pool. It's awesome.
  4. Motorcycles
    Wear a helmet half the time. No jacket during summer. Listen to music on your iPhone (electronica). 90mph always. Park on sidewalks. Cigarette and sunglasses when just going a couple blocks.
  5. Flat brim hats
    Cause they're the only hats available now and if you can't beat em, join em
  6. Cigarettes
    Put out on street, never on grass
  7. Bad food.
    Burgers, fries, red bull, bottled water, cheese, whatever.
  8. SUVs
    High up in traffic. It's great.
  9. Comedy clubs
    "Soooo 80s"
  10. Retweeting athletes
    "I hate sports"
  11. Seeing movies at the Chinese Theater
    "You're such a tourist"..... That likes comfortable seats.
  12. Owning a television
    "I watch everything on my iWatch"
  13. The LA Times
    "You mean the worst newspaper in America? I'd rather read USA Today in a holiday inn"
  14. Sugar Free Red Bull
    It's like coffee but not. You get used to the taste and the kick is like doing a 1/10th of a bump of coke. I'll take what I can get.