1. The owner, Jeff Bezos, is the 4th richest dude on earth
  2. These people really really give a fuck about getting people toilet paper and books QUICKLY
  3. This button that, when pushed, has Amazon deliver the product ASAP
  4. They call it a place where overachievers go to feel bad about themselves
    Excuse me.. Ever been to an open mic in echo park???
  5. There's protocol for telling on your co workers behind their back
  6. Don't have kids and work there. Just don't.
  7. 15% of employees have been there for over 5 years
    What is it, the comedy store?
  8. Average time working there is 1 year
    Smallest amount of time for a Fortune 500 company
  9. If you get a work email after midnight and don't reply, they'll blow up your texts until you do
  10. Unlike Facebook and google where they have crazy perks, Amazon just gives you a desk and phone
    Sounds like an agency
  11. If you leave before a year, you have to give back a portion of your signing bonus and relocation fee
    This would NOT work in the NBA.
  12. If you go on vacation, you'll get shit if you have spotty wifi
  13. Employees are encouraged to rip apart each other's ideas so that there's no culture of politeness or mediocrity
  14. They wanna be the first trillion dollar retailer
  15. Immersing yourself in the company makes you an Amabot, which is different from a chill Amazonian
  16. They take data on everything like Moneyball for the workplace
  17. RIP Seattle supersonics