It's my party. Manhood: questioned.
  1. The Chronic
    I missed home. Listening to this on a plane made me teary eyed for the 213.
  2. James Harden's first 50 point game
    He's 25 and was just proud of him. He cleared 50 with a corner 3.
  3. End of mad men season 6
    Cooper singing "the best things in life are free" while Don watches depressed.
  4. This scene in the sopranos
    Anthony realizes his dad's mafia rumors are true while Mazzy Star plays.
  5. Jersey Boys in Las Vegas
    Orchestra row seats seeing the actors sing made me cry. Embarrassed.
  6. Flight from Milwaukee to LAX
    Leaving fiancé in Midwest. Didn't see it coming. Cried on plane next to divorcee.
  7. Realizing I couldn't be in Vegas at 21 when I was newly sober
    Drove there to meet college friends. Drove right back 45 min later. It's a tough world, kid.
  8. Getting fired by TV manager Lena Roklin
    Diana Agron, I'll be sending you sides no more.
  9. SNL 40
    Belushi, Murphy and Hartman.
  10. Chris paul crying after buzzer beater in game 7 vs Spurs 2015
    He started it.
  11. Outside pikey on sunset next to Zooey D. During brief breakup
    Such a baby. Had fish and chips.