1. Watch sports. Cubs won the World Series. NBA players get paid more than ever. Kevin Durant is a warrior. James Harden is good again. Cleveland won a championship. 2016- great sports year.
  2. Mario Run on iPhone.
  3. Buy new shoes. Cool kicks or round two on Melrose between la Brea and fairfax. Cheap/rare.
  4. Get into adidas. Probably 20 dollars cheaper than Nike.
  5. Wash the fucking car.
  6. Read a god damn book.
  7. Join Amazon prime and buy an echo and talk to Alexa.
  8. Make Siri do shit for u. "Siri text so and so to venmo me 600 bucks for Vegas."
  9. Give Nike foamposite a shot.
  10. Frame a poster.
  11. Buy things on eBay.
  12. Join Audible
  13. Get a puppy
  14. Go to Las Vegas and gamble
  15. Eat at a nice restaurant alone late at night- Dan Tana's.
  16. Ghost someone
  17. Buy socks (stance, paul smith)
  18. Smoke a cigarette
  19. Speed. Seriously if there's open road even in a huge city just gun it if possible. I do this on hollywood blvd every morning.
  20. Buy new sunglasses.
  21. Go to CVS and knock out errands.
  22. Get Hulu with no commercials. Hello modern family.
  23. Be honest on ur uber rating. If they weren't a 5 star experience it's okay! 2 stars for making me nauseous. 5 for playing French Montana!
  24. Get into new podcasts.
  25. Unfollow people. Free urself.
  26. Complete a puzzle.