1. Count "save the canyon" signs....
  2. Ash in a water bottle
  3. Go to country store and buy a Jarritos
  4. Listen to NPR
  5. Listen to a podcast
  6. Write a list on list app
  7. @ reply someone on Twitter. It can be fun!
  8. Instagram something
  9. Take pics of people mad in their car
  10. Take pics of vanity plates
  11. Read a novel
  12. Realize it's only 3pm and look up apartments in Austin
  13. Search "foreign movie posters" on ebay
  14. Watch post game interviews on the NBA app
  15. Buy the this American life iPhone app for 3 dollars
  16. Delete pics that are clogging your memory
  17. Count Prius'
  18. Take Advil
  19. Do drugs if you aren't sober
  20. Read notes on your pilot
  21. Rewrite act 3 of your feature
  22. Delete friends on Facebook
  23. Unfollow sympathy follows on Twitter
  24. Buy an Ike and Stella collar on etsy
  25. Buy a motorcycle
  26. Call your mother
  27. Call your dad but hang up after 1 ring
  28. Forget something at CVS
  29. Blast rap
  30. Lose reception
  31. Get cut off by a Ferrari going 3 mph