I love smoking cigarettes so much but I'm trying to have a good couple decades in the future. I also don't know why I'm writing this
  1. What will I do when I'm bored when out at night?
  2. The cigarette I saved to smoke all day isn't everything it's cracked up to be
  3. What will I do when I stress?
    Cake, book, ESPN, angry birds ??
  4. My dad was right and that sucks
  5. I'll miss my joe camel jacket
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  6. The light headed-ness and headache will go away one day
  7. I'll save 60 dollars a week (carton price at whole sale tobacco store)
  8. Cigarettes don't define me
  9. It's my life why can't I kill myself. Oregon lets you.
  10. Afraid of having something in common with lame people I know
  11. I don't drink or do drugs so I'll just drink Jarritos I guess
  12. Being able to work out and smoke won't last much longer
  13. Headaches will go away cause more oxygen will be allowed into my brain
  14. Won't need to carry gum everywhere
  15. I hate anti-smoking stuff cause whatever it's not ur life
  16. Who wants my collection of vintage ashtrays?
    Caesars palace and ambassador hotel
  17. Caffeine helps and doesn't so that's not helpful
  18. I'll be able to go to Disneyland and not get sick
  19. Leo is into e cigs so that's cool
  20. The ladies on my street won't yell at me anymore for smoking in the canyon
  21. Airplane rides won't be hard anymore after 2 hours
  22. I won't feel gross around pregnant women or kids
  23. How am I going to pass the time at weddings?????
  24. How will people know I'm not Jewish
  25. How will people know that I'm cool and don't give af
  26. How will I handle big meals?? Sparkling water?
  27. I won't have to keep getting up at long pretentious dinners
  28. I won't have to give poor 20 somethings in Silverlake my cigarettes anymore