1. Everyone keeps saying what a big day it is but I'm In a zone of saying "hi" to people and trying not to act like an idiot in front of my future father in law
  2. My dog has gone nuts with all the new people around
  3. People that didn't RSVP think they can show up
  4. I'm tired as fuck
  5. It's hot
  6. I'm bald and can't wear a hat to the ceremony
  7. I hope I don't forget the ring. I'm not forgetful. I just genuinely hope that doesn't happen.
  8. The House I'm staying at is half 90046/half 90210. It's crazy. It's a treehouse style cabin and I wish I lived in it.
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  9. Will need to bring e cig charger to ceremony
  10. I hope this all goes well
  11. Lost double OT game vs @sandydanto tonight in NBA 2k16. '97 Lakers vs '99 Blazers at The Forum in Inglewood.