Not all of them. Just the highlights.
  1. Entourage S1E5
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    Plays a Sherpa in a KEY season 1 episode. Val having fun in a post-Heat world.
  2. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
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    Post-Katrina detective along side a psychotic Nic Cage. Movie opens with Val and Cage deciding whether or not to save an inmate locked up in a flooded prison. Cheap suits and humidity.
  3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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    Plays gay great alongside RDJ in a Shane Black classic. Love this movie.
  4. MacGruber
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    Just a fucking awesome SNL movie. What up Broadway Video!
  5. Deja Vu
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    Some sort of future device that lets you time travel. Denzel does the action and Val chills in a room of Windows computers in Nola.
  6. Palo Alto
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    Wasn't into this movie but Kilmer's son KILLS it as does Val's scene as a stoned bad NorCal dad.