1. Smart Water
    My favorite at any temperature.
  2. Perrier
    Cream of the crop in the sparkling biz. Plastic ones are good too.
  3. Ethos
    Water from Starbucks. It's good but get the free water with crushed ice instead.
  4. San Pellegrino
    Very solid sparkling. Good soda's too (blood orange).
  5. Voss
    Weird shape. I always spill! Good water, though.
  6. Fiji
    Smart Water for office reception areas. They fit awkwardly in cup holders.
  7. Mountain Valley Spring Water
    Giant glass bottles from Bristol Farms.
  8. Crystal Geyser
    There's way worse.
  9. CVS brand
    Probably tap water. I actually like it. I'm a sucker for CVS' minimalist brand designs.
  10. Icelandic Glacial
    Who designed this bottle, batman?? Solid water. Whatever.
  11. Nestle Pure Life
    Not as bad as you'd think but still down there. The Nestle on the bottle freaks me out. Stick to chocolate.
  12. Dasani
    Coca Cola. Movie theater water. Get a cup and fill from water fountain instead.
  13. Tap water put into a bottle of water
  14. Aquafina
    Pepsi and just as bad.
  15. Evian
    Weird case. Too thin. I get it- it's less plastic. Focus on quality first then worry about the planet.
  16. Ozarka
    Standard in Texas. Can't stand it.
  17. Arrowhead
    Tastes like plastic.