Stress is high. Tryin to not create any 2nd doubts.
  1. Don't buy bullshit on eBay and etsy
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    You don't need that vintage hat or decorative plate with the painting of Shaq. You'll survive.
  2. Get the fucking addresses already
    EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD RETURNS YOUR EMAIL ASAP WHEN YOU ASK THEM FOR THEIR ADDRESS RE WEDDING INVITES. It's actually amazing to see. It's a simple and tedious task so just do it (Nike).
  3. Talk shit
    Talking shit can be a great bond. Feel like some people are afraid to voice negative thoughts so come out with them first to let your partner know that they're not alone in it.
  4. Spend extra time with your partner
    Go eat or watch basketball every OTHER time you normally would.
  5. Always give input or opinions on things you could go either way on
    Invitations, save the dates, whatever. Who cares? The person doing most of the work does. Pretend to care if you don't.
  6. Go to therapy or AA etc
    If you're in a 12 step program or therapy don't skip it. It could really help to breathe and talk about things when your partner or you are juggling a million things more than usual.
  7. Date night
    Treat them to a nice date. Wherever. Old spot or new digs. A for effort.
  8. Do dishes
    Just do them. It takes 10 min.
  9. Video games- maybe cut them in half
    It can't be too ensuring of a bright financial and loving future if I'm playing Mario while my partner is working. Keep it cool, Carlos.
  10. Temper control
    Playing it cool when someone annoys you around the road can do wonders for your partner's perspective on you, especially of the future. This has helped me a lot.
  11. Work out if it's your thing
    You don't need to be someone who loses 100 pounds before their wedding day then gains it back on their honey moon but if you work out don't stop cause things are stressful.
  12. Charge your phone while watching TV
    Or put on airplane mode. This one's big for me.