Realizing after writing this list that my entire relationship with my dad took place in the living room, his car and the movies.
  1. Get bad grades
  2. Never remembering how to page
  3. Not being where I said I was gonna be pre-cell phones
  4. Beg for laser disc player
  5. Ask him to slow down when driving
  6. Ask him to speed up when he's falling asleep while driving
  7. Let friends borrow his rated R VHS tapes
  8. Tell teachers that he lets me watch HBO
  9. Make noise late at night when he's reading medical journals
  10. Watch nickelodeon when he comes home from work instead of doing homework
  11. Talk about friend's laser disc player constantly
  12. Ask repeatedly for Houston Rockets playoff tickets
  13. Don't completely kneel in church when asked to do so
  14. Fight with sister in church
  15. Point out that he was 59 minutes late to church
  16. Waste money on Area 51 and Rush arcade games at the movies
  17. Be on the computer when it freezes
  18. Fuck up the tape in his sopranos soundtrack cassette tape
  19. Be annoying at Sam Goody cd, cassette and VHS store
  20. Drop anything