1. Olive street.
    When headed east on sunset after la Cienega there's bad traffic til crescent heights so shoot down Olive to fountain where The Mondrian and HOB is.
  2. Laurel ave 2 blocks east of crescent heights.
    Straight shot down to Santa Monica from Hollywood if you don't wanna deal with crescent heights.
  3. Far right lane of laurel canyon north bound
    Far less traffic on the road less traveled. Instead of getting over onto laurel canyon with everyone else after mount Olympus, stay in the right lane and it takes you to the country store and Pace.
  4. Gardner Ave between fairfax and la brea
    Straight shot from Hollywood to Melrose.
  5. Chipotle on sunset and spaulding
    There's a light 2 blocks south at fountain. Use it. Love it.
  6. Delongre
    If you're east bound on fountain and need to get on sunset, don't take the left on sweetzer. Shoot up Delongre and it curves onto sweetzer easily behind the standard.
  7. Motorcycle only: Alta Loma
    1 block west of la Cienega you can ride through the road block from holloway instead of being on sunset strip traffic.
  8. San Vicente, left on Cynthia, left on hilldale, right on Keith and left on Robertson. Enjoy not being on Santa Monica during traffic.
  9. East/West
    Waring Ave at fairfax is a light and you can take it to la Brea untouched by Melrose traffic. Same with Willoughby
  10. Not braving the cyn
    Just take sunset plaza all the way up to crescent drive keep going and it becomes wonderland ave
  11. Runyon
    Westbound on Franklin to la Brea with visions of Hollywood blvd west?? Run the light at la Brea and left on fuller skipping that awful right turn.
  12. Barneys beanery
    The la Cienega left turn from holloway west is good but the line on it can be long. Go straight past la Cienega and turn left on hacienda next to Barneys and go right on fountain. Enjoy.