1. Woke up at 7, checked emails and social media. Back to sleep til 11 (I know, I know)
  2. Got ready for basketball
    Niketown Beverly Hills shirt from eBay. Cal shorts from a trip with my ex gf. "You go all the way to Berkeley and buy basketball shorts???" Ankle socks. 2011 black n gold Kobe's. Backwards Dri-Fit hat (grey).
  3. One on one basketball vs my new friend at the park
    First to 7. He won both but I put up a good fight and had a reverse lay up. Ate banana on the way and 2 guys cornered me after leaving like high school bully's. Got out of there!
  4. LA Juice on melrose
    Fiancé follows them on Instagram. Went and got her a juice. Got one she didn't like but A for effort! HUGE pain to park. Resisted the urge to buy socks at Marc Jacobs.
  5. ATM
    Pulled out cizash
  6. Bought 4 pack sugar free red bull at Larrabee and sunset
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  8. Ate breakfast for late lunch + sugar free red bull at home.
    Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.
  9. Wrote and sent emails. Resisted urge to spend hours reading articles.
  10. Took dog to Fryman Cyn for hike
  11. Trader Joe's studio city
  12. Back home. Pizza for dinner with some salad. Watched Seinfeld and modern family during.
  13. Watching Jurassic park on network TV now
  14. Possible trip to California donuts and ramen burger place on 3rd and Vermont later.
  15. Will read a comic book prob in bed while family sleeps
    The Ultimates (marvel)- inspiration for the new marvel movies since Iron Man.