1. Spicy ketchup
  2. Gravy
  3. Whatasize the fries
  4. Chicken fingers are smaller than they were pre-9/11 but still top notch
  5. Ask for salt for the fries. It's not protocol for the fries to be salted to a normal fry enthusiast's standards
  6. Skip the bacon and avocado burger
  7. Patty melts are always a win
  8. Double whataburger is standard and great
  9. Blue Powerade drink option!
  10. Drive thru can be a wait even with no line. It's ok. Rome wasn't built in 3-5 minutes.
  11. Probably a dollar more than a McDonald's or Burger King but that's ok too. Like Shake shack and chipotle this is the new normal.
  12. It's Texas' in n out
  13. Honey butter chicken biscuits!
    The best hangover cure, currently being consumed
    Suggested by @sogol