3rd time here.
  1. SUVs
  2. Hangars
  3. Culvers burgers
  4. Wifi cafes
  5. 49 degrees at night
  6. Cold lake water
  7. Jet skis
  8. People waving from their boat
  9. Rich kids from Chicago wearing Kevin Durant socks and Lebron James hats
  10. Reading on a dock
  11. Getting splashed
  12. Bad reception
  13. Low speed limits
  14. UP Michigan people
  15. Northern Lights
  16. Stars at night
  17. This was all covered in snow a couple months ago???
  18. American flags
  19. $9 movie tickets
  20. Brats; the sausage not the kid
  21. Looking at a map and being surprised how close all the major cities in the Midwest are
  22. Central time zone
  23. Spotted cow
    It's an injustice if you're in Wisconsin and don't try it
    Suggested by @kevinhannigan
  24. Fried cheese curds
    I mean cmon man
    Suggested by @callahan