These are my neurotic worries about the near or very distant future of, what I like to think, is the greatest and most romantic city in America
  1. The LED street lamps replacing the old ones make the view from planes or the hills go from classic orange to BMW headlight white!
  2. That the condos replacing the house of blues on sunset and Kings road will be super dope and I'll miss out
  3. That since rent goes up but money is worth less than it used to be, I'll die of financial fears-induced headaches
  4. That the future Shake Shack on Santa Monica and la Cienega where koo koo roo used to be will be a fuck boi paradise and I'll never get to eat there
  5. That clipper tickets will be unaffordable even last minute on stub hub for the 15-16 season
  6. Fire destroys my house
  7. That people keep crowding into Alcove on hillhurst, thus enabling it
  8. A Zara moves into studio city and completes it as a perfect shopping hood and parking gets harder
  9. Five Guys goes away
    There are never any lines despite their baller locations
  10. West Hollywood never gets better parking lot computer box things
  11. Kobe doesn't retire next season
  12. Earthquake makes CA a peninsula and they don't name the bridges from Arizona and Nevada into CA well.
  13. Gentrification never stops. It literally just goes east all the way to Vegas. Non stop G forever!
  14. NFL team never comes back
    I know it may happen sooner than later but my team, the houston Oilers, got taken away from me and I haven't watched nfl since. Would love to enjoy it with you all.
  15. El Niño this fall is a disaster
  16. The New York Times never stops writing its LA articles.
  17. Subway doesn't ever get to go through Beverly Hills
    I know it goes to Santa Monica now but you have to go way down to culver city to get on that line!
  18. Presidents don't ever use helicopters and continue to use caravans causing traffic
  19. Bmw Beverly Hills doesn't change their name to BMW miracle mile
    Come on, man....
  20. Flights to Mars from lax launch pads are too expensive
  21. Air bnb gets banned in LA County
    Along with uber and lyft at the airport