I like the Keyes commercial so I didn't put it on this list! Keyes Keyes Keyes, Keyes on Van Nuys! Also- in n out has an old commercial that's just a burger with a rock tune playing. I like it. Here's my quick list. Please add to it!
  1. Mercedes of Calabasas
    By far the worst- the one where the old guy gives his grandson a Mercedes. "Grandpa what are u gonna drive?" Enter: 2 blondes and a red benzo
  2. Northridge Suit Outlet
    "I need a Northridge guy" jingle. A+ for effort.
  3. Hollywood Suit Outlet
    Seems like a good deal every time I watch. Also reminds me of the time riggins and QB 1 go to nyc so QB can get a job at a sports agency so they buy suits off the street for super cheap. Needless to say the trip is a disaster.
  4. Morongo Casino
    Black and white couple and friends go out making you think Morongo is a place where classic Hollywood meets Vegas fun. I've also classically done very poorly at the black jack tables here so I'm not fond of it to begin with.
  5. South Coast Toyota
    They must make boat loads of cash. Let's get some quality!
  6. Leeds Matresses
    He used to hang at the comedy store and I took a pic of his black Amex on an iPhone 4. He's crazy but not as crazy as the psychopaths that let him in the place.