Been listening to Yale's open courses on iTunesU. Next level NPR. I know this all sounds super pretentious but I'm a college drop out and I fuckin like it.
  1. Civil war and reconstruction era taught by David Blight
    He's cynical and students don't laugh at his jokes. Lots of coughing. Calls out people sometimes for reading the student newspaper.
  2. American Revolution taught by Joanne B. Freeman
    Super intense lectures as in she talks fast but she don't give a fuck. She's got jokes and laughs at them. She also goes into her own inner monologue.
  3. Early Middle Ages taught by Paul H. Freedman
    Gets more laughs from students. Better audio. Smaller class it seems like.
  4. Epidemics in western society since 1600 taught by Frank Snowden
    Dry. No laughs. Interesting as fuck.