1. Do you enjoy your music?
    If you don't enjoy what you do what the hell are you doing? That's the point of music, or writing or art. It's what makes you an "Artist"! Taking what's inside you and laying it out for other people and creating something from nothing.
  2. Can you work a room?
    When playing live you have to know what songs or what genre of music to play. You wouldn't play Lil Wayne at a barn party would you? No, you have to feel the room and understand what will get people up and dancing!
  3. Can you make someone's day?
    This comes from my personal experience of playing guitar one day at school by myself in the choir room after class. Another fellow student was gathering his books next to me while I was playing Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes without even singing the lyrics. As I proceeded to look up he had a grin from ear to ear. He had no idea who the artist was or what song, but he enjoyed it.