You can take the girl out of Philly, but...
  1. Oh man, I'm in Rangers country. Guess I'll have to start wearing all my Flyers t-shirts as pajamas.
  2. Imma let you finish, but Lauren Hart sings the best national anthem of all time.
  3. Henrik Lundqvist is so attractive. SO attractive. Noticing this does not make me a Rangers fan. It just makes me human.
    He's also getting me mad points in my fantasy hockey league.
  4. These Rangers announcers are so complimentary of the opposing teams. It's unnerving. Is this a trick?
    Flyers announcers tell it like it is. Like if Donald Trump decided to become a sports commentator in Philly, he would fit right in. He would just have to tell the other teams, "You're all losers!"
  5. Oh, I see a stranger in a Flyers jersey! Brave man! I should approach him and we can bond over Philly things!
  6. Maybe I can start a Go Fund Me page to afford a ticket to a Flyers/Rangers game at MSG.
  7. Or I could just go to an Islanders game...
    You know, I've never actually SEEN an Islanders fan. Do they all wear their team t-shirts as pajamas too?