An unexpected 7-hour (and counting) layover at DFW led me to create this list. Add on.
  1. You have a favorite stall in the bathroom.
  2. Those $9 strawberries you gawked at when you first arrived? They snatched them up and thought they were a steal.
  3. You no longer have to ask your neighbor to watch your things while you make a candy or bathroom run.
  4. You've begun to rationalize doing your overdue holiday shopping in the Best Buy and Benefit vending machines.
  5. You no longer react when your flight gets pushed back an hour.
  6. The airport staff begins handing out cots.
  7. You know all the scents of L'Occitane en Provence soaps and lotions by heart.
  8. You've witnessed a couple breaking up.
  9. You've witnessed a couple making up.
  10. You've imagined all the things you'll say when your neighbor at the gate finally wakes up to turn off his blaring alarm coming from his bag.
  11. You're too tired to move so that he'd no longer your neighbor.
  12. By the time he wakes up to turn it off, you have grown so accustomed to the blaring that you no longer care enough to berate him.
  13. You've seen approximately 587 selfies and videos being taken for social media purposes.
  14. You've used the word fuck in the first sentence with a stranger. (Not towards them, but about the situation)