1. Watched three episodes of Blood & Oil
    I don't think I even like this show. No, I know I don't even like this show. But hey, I do like Chace Crawford and I especially like him in flannel.
  2. Drank 2 glasses of milk
  3. Walked my dogs
    even though they really didn't want to and they hate wearing their sweaters (The Great Shaving Incident of Fall 2015 requires extra layers now) but misery loves company.
  4. Wrote my to-do list
    for NEXT week !!!!!
  5. did my PHYSICS homework
    I repeat: PHYSICS
  6. Read Drake's Wikipedia page
  7. Watched Adele's "Hello" for the 3k time
  8. Cried while watching Adele's "Hello" for the 3k time
  9. Went on this app
  10. Wrote this list