Inspired by @BobSaget "Disturbing Pickup Lines" list. Please add the best ones you've heard / have been used on you. It's an art form that should be celebrated.
  1. "Baby, I've been in LA 7 years just looking for your booty."
    Said to me at the Barney's Beanery on Santa Monica Blvd.
  2. "Girl, you poppin' like popcorn."
    Said by that guy on the street corner by Emerson to every female in his vicinity.
    Suggested by @Nikki
  3. "Hey girl, Lemme at yo digits."
    Overheard in BK years ago. Never forgot.
    Suggested by @dev
  4. "I would make love to you every day for the rest of my life"
    Said to me by a guy ~20 years older than me, outside Lonnie's karaoke bar in Nashville
    Suggested by @miranda
  5. "I'm in love with you"
    Said by me, to you. And it worked, so... Pretty bomb pickup line if you ask me!
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  6. "You could be my Hat Trick! Wouldn't she make a nice little third wife?"
    Said to me at Finn McCool's on Main
    Suggested by @megaroni
  7. "Sexy,sexy!"
    Said to me today as I put deodorant on next to my car after working out.
    Suggested by @hannahstark
  8. "Are you ready to have my baby?"
    This was said by a 15-year-old boy! 💣
    Suggested by @hannieshit
  9. "Hey, white girl! You got any money? That's ok, you still fine."
    Said to me by a homeless man right outside my office building.
    Suggested by @ErinEdwards
  10. "Don't worry about my friend.. It's me you have to worry about"
    Said to me while his friend was hitting on my friend..
    Suggested by @bestofnicolemarie
  11. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Followed by "Oh man, I thought you were like 19"
    ~15 year old boy outside of the metro, and his response when I laughed and told him I was 27, try it with someone his own age.
    Suggested by @LizDawson